Viewpark Glen / Douglas Support

Viewpark and Tannochside SNP plan to work constructively with the Viewpark Conservation Group Trust to protect one of our treasured green areas. We already plan on cleaning it up and increasing access. Initiatives such as litter picking and general maintenance would benefit the area immediately for no cost upfront. SNP members have already shown that they are happy to get involved and we could involve the wider community as time goes on so that youths in the area get a sense of ownership over the glen and don’t litter it or set fires, etc.

VP&T SNP held a litter Pick on the 1st of August which was an absolute success. Although only a small part was visited by almost 30 people on the day, we filled almost 50 bags and lifted some dangerous items from the pathways and nearby areas and our efforts resulted in a full page spread in the local newspaper, the Bellshill Speaker. Thank you to all who got involved.

We will keep you up to date with other events that we will be holding throughout the year.