Hardship Resilience Fund

We all, from time to time and through no fault of our own, can find ourselves in hard times.  Our group treasurer, Garry Sexton, suggested creating a fund which would be used to help support local people who are experiencing these issues.  There would be no requirement for a formal referral, no prerequisite to obtain help. Just a simple scheme, funded by locals to help the needy. (Help with food, electricity bills, transport to job interviews and other such essentials)

The fund has now been created and is self sufficient, is not part of the SNP and is constituted on it’s own. It is called the Viewpark and Tannochside Benevolent Fund and has it’s own website at vtbf.org – The fund now has it’s own bank account where standing orders can be set up or BACS payments for donations. You can also donate at the website via PayPal or credit/debit card.

There are already families who have benefited from gift cards for Tesco to help get a week’s messages in and the group recently climbed Ben Lomond to raise money for the fund, hoping they would raise £500. At the time of typing this, they have raised £just under £1020 ! Thank you to all who donated, on behalf of the fund. Please consider contacting them to find out how you can play a part in donating, helping or anything at all.