Community Run Play Area

Our Local Area Organiser, Martin O’Neill along with Cllr. Steven Bonnar and Phil Boswell MP visited Kirkshaws play area run by Parent Action for Safe Play with a view to bringing what they have done in what was an area of deprivation in Coatbridge to Viewpark and Tannochside.


Here’s what Phil had to say about the visit :

Parent Action for Safe Play (PASP) is a small organisation local to Coatbridge which over the last 15 years has worked alongside North Lanarkshire Council’s Learning and Leisure Service to improve youth and sport services for the local community.

PASP has prospered in spite of the tough funding regime austerity has imposed largely due to the hard work of those paid staff and unpaid volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this innovative community organisation flourish.

Although best practice is not rocket science it is extremely useful for other potential new organisations in our constituency, such as a new organisation in Viewpark, which is trying to repeat the lessons learnt in Coatbridge, and is a key component for success for new ventures in other parts of the Constituency.

What strikes me about PASP, and other similar projects, is the passion and good practice involved in organisations right on your doorstep, which many of us often do not recognise or appreciate, for that matter.

I can only imagine this is due to the close-knit nature of this area that I am so proud to have the opportunity to represent.  It also highlights to me the diverse nature of the Constituency, and I feel that it is incredibly important to recognise that there are a variety of ways and means to face these challenges, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

While I continue to fight to reverse the austerity which has caused great hardship to many of our constituents, I have been humbled by the resilience shown by so many organisations, businesses, and people living throughout our constituency.

Viewpark and Tannochside SNP have identified a playscheme in the Fallside area of Viewpark who no longer have a place to call their own and meet up on street corners to take the children on days out because the Labour led council saw fit to rent out the place they were using to a private company.  Along with our MP and Councillor, we will do our best to help Mary McCallum, who runs the playscheme, get the funding needed and put her in touch with the right people so that, once again, they can have somewhere safe for the children to play and spend time.

We will keep you all up to date with the coming news,