Aldi / Lidl

Following on from the disappointing withdrawal from the ASDA supermarket plans from the area, we have decided to contact ALDI and LIDL to make them aware of the existing permitted planning permission for the area behind the Rolling Barrel and St. Columba’s Boys Club hut.

Aldi or Lidl would be an absolutely great asset to the area and would break up Scotmid’s monopoly on weekly shopping for the residents of Viewpark and Tannochside. Either of these would provide a low cost supermarket option for residents from all social backgrounds as it caters for all.

To date, letters have been drafted by the group secretary and sent to Cllr. Bonnar and our MP Phil Boswell and MSP Richard Lyle to add their signatures to the letters asking them to consider our village for one of their fantastic supermarkets.

We will update with more information as we receive it.