Keeping you informed – Episode 1

Phil Boswell MP introduces the first in a series of videos aimed at reaching out to the many constituents of Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill and keeping you all informed and update you on the latest and most pertinent issues of the day.


Keeping you informed – Episode 2

Councillor Julie McAnullty introduces the second video talking about the UK Government acting against democracy. Why are we not looking at cutting sales of arms and using the money for better purposes. The SNP is your voice, the people's voice.


Keeping you informed – Episode 3

Phil Boswell MP discusses, in this third video, the brutal welfare changes imposed on us by the Westminster Government, however, The Scottish Government has an exciting new project aimed at making £11m savings in energy costs.


Keeping you informed – Episode 4

Councillor Julie McAnullty informs us in this 4th video that Monklands Hospital as well as others have a fantastic turnaround in patients because of the Scottish Government's decision to invest £183m more into the NHS. A far cry from Labour trying to close the very same hospital when they were in power.


Keeping you informed – Episode 5

Councillor Steven Bonnar talks to us from the Viewpark and Douglas Glen where local activists got together and spent hours litter picking. This is a clear indication that the SNP is working at grassroots levels and that people want to get engaged. The Viewpark Glen is an important part of the community here and an area which Labour want to level and turn into industrial units.