Anti-bullying discussions

Bernadette (2nd from left) joins us at our meeting to share her experiences of bullying on our front doorsteps.
Bernadette (2nd from left) joins us at our meeting to share her experiences of bullying on our front doorsteps.

Local Mother, Bernadette Lynch, was our guest speaker at the October meeting of the Viewpark and Tannochside SNP group. Bernadette and her family have been victims of bullying and she had some very strong, emotive incidents she recalled while in front of a packed room of SNP members from Viewpark and Tannochside and beyond.

Bernadette told us of her struggle and some of the hurdles she is faced with. The group had an open discussion and Councillor Bonnar along with Local Area Organiser, Martin O’Neill, will speak with the Focus Youth Project and see what solutions can be put in place.

We will have more news on this, as it happens. Thank you to Bernadette for coming along and sharing her experiences.

Viewpark and Tannochside SNP group proudly support Thorniewood United

SNP-VPT-LOGO-TUFCLocal member, Garry Sexton, a long time Thorniewood United supporter, raised at a local meeting that the local football team were looking for monetary support. This was taken to the Uddingston and Bellshill branch where it was agreed that money would be donated in return for advertisement for SNP. Now, we have a massive banner, pitch-side and an advertisement in every home match-day flyer and here it is 🙂

Thorniewood United are now the only football team in our Viewpark and Tannochside area and generally play their matches on Saturdays at 2pm. They would very much like your support to go along and support from the sidelines. It costs an adult £5 entry and children under 16 yrs old are free.

There are facilities on site as well as a wee cafe-window serving hot and cold snacks and drinks. Please come along, you will usually see Garry and sometimes Martin there of an afternoon.

Thorniewood United Facebook page – click here

Thanks guys

Sanderson Avenue speeding issue

Since being elected in July, Councillor Bonnar has been working hard on his campaign promises and we are now at a situation where he can bring you up to date on the issue of speeding motorists on Sanderson avenue, Fallside.

Steven has been vigorous in his attempts to have North Lanarkshire Council install speed bumps or traffic calming in the area, this has resulted in investigations from the council and analysis carried out by Police Scotland. Presently the council don’t feel that bumps are a requirement at this stage due to the financial implications and other information gained from the statistical analysis.

However, the Councillor has been pushing for further investigation and the Road Safety team have identified the poor surface and lack of road markings on the road. Steven has been in talks with the relevant bodies and is now delighted to inform and they have scheduled the whole of McCulloch Avenue to be resurfaced with work commencing in October and “20’s Plenty” signs on either end as well as proper painted junctions on the roads at McCulloch Avenue and Alexander Avenue to both assist drivers and pedestrians and ultimately make the roads safer. These will be put in place after the resurfacing works are finished.

Steven also urges that any incidents of excessive speeding in the area is reported to Police Scotland, as it is this data along with other factors that determines the level of need for such traffic calming measures as bumps to be installed.

We hope the residents of this area are happy with this progress in the area of road safety and Steven will be happy to receive any feedback or concerns on this matter from the residents of the area whether that be via a surgery, online, or in the passing.


Viewpark Glen Litter Pick – Press Release

11058054_421904111334733_7661949261168274287_oViewpark and Tannochside SNP group recently got together to discuss what could be done to benefit the local community and residents in the area. The recent positivity within the group has definitely created an appetite for proactivity and one of the members, Andrew Hughes suggested a litter pick at the Viewpark Glen.


In true SNP style the event was organised and carried out within a week, showing just how much can be achieved when people really set their mind to a task Andrew explained his reasons for organising this event,


11794085_421907418001069_8651955213109205151_o“I enjoyed walks down the glen as a kid . The destruction of the Viewpark Glen was an issue that came up many times during the General Election and the more recent by-election. The group are committed to help preserve and restore this great local asset of greenery and we wanted to help in any way we could. I, along with the other members am committed to doing whatever it takes to support this. I wanted to get SNP Viewpark and Tannochside local group engaged and to make a tangible difference immediately. Litter picking is a great way to do all of this.”


The Viewpark Glen Committee was delighted when contacted by Andrew and welcomed the support to impact the Glen in such a positive way. Once the relevant safety checks and logistics had been completed the group successfully cleaned up a substantial area at the entrance to the Glen on Saturday.


11823051_421907104667767_1311862078059270485_oLocal councillor Steven Bonnar said,


“We have a great local team of activists in our Viewpark and Tannochside group. They are an inspiring bunch of people who are determined to deliver on the promises made not only by them but also the new MP’s and our ever growing numbers of elected councillors . The Glen obviously means a lot to the group and it is great to see them all here today. It may be a small step along with many other community initiatives we are intending on having, but its progress within our group and our community and that can only be a positive thing.”


11794054_421904574668020_169196894312885799_oThe group have utilised both the grassroots ethos of the SNP and a willingness to take an initiative from idea to fruition quickly. They hope that this type of community action can be built on and would encourage any members of the local community to see what other projects may be happening by visiting


“I am absolutely overwhelmed with the public response to our community initiative so far”  said Martin O’Neill, Viewpark and Tannochside SNP Local Area Organiser. “I thank everyone for giving up their time on a lovely Saturday morning. It is amazing what a little bit of compassion and enthusiasm can do and I look forward to the many ways in which the Viewpark and Tannochside SNP group can help the local community. The people of the area have been kind enough to vote for us, it’s time we show them what they have voted for. Hopefully this will encourage lots more members of our area to come and join us.”


See a full gallery of pics of the event by clicking here