Viewpark and Tannochside SNP group started back in the Yes campaign for independence, when a group of local activists in Viewpark got together in one of their living rooms and decided that they would start the Viewpark and Tannochside SNP group. This model was mirrored when the branch decided they would do the same for the other 4 areas in the constituency and the 5 sub-groups of the Yes campaign were born.

The original local area organiser was leafleting stalwart, Raymond Leslie who, after a short timestood down and the group elected Martin O'Neill, at the time a 33 year old, originally from Newarthill but moved to Viewpark in 2004 to raise a family and still lives here.

After the referendum, everyone who took part in the campaign was heartbroken. It took a lot out of us but we had been bitten by political fever and decided to join the SNP in our droves. The Uddingston and Bellshill branch expanded from 100+ members to just under 1100 members in little more than a week.

10007535_898131570232909_4783232372649081405_nToday, hundreds of members live in the Thorniewood ward, which is the council's name for Viewpark, Birkenshaw and Tannochside. The area stretches from the roundabout at the Rolling Barrel, down to the Lucy Brae and everything in between. It's a massive area and currently has 3 councillors, Steven Bonnar being the only SNP councillor in the ward.

Thorniewood has never seen such activity from the SNP in this area ever. During the General Election where we returned a new MP in Phil Boswell and in the by-election in 2015 where Steven Bonnar won against 6 other party candidates, we delivered 1600 leaflets in every single house in the area, with 3 different leaflets and canvassed hundreds of houses in person asking for their vote. We also held a stall every single Saturday in Market Place (more commonly known as Market Square or as we like to call it SNP Square)  where members of the public could come and meet the Candidate, MP and MSP and talk to campaigners, join the SNP or just take away free pens, balloons, car stickers etc. The buzz was amazing and people still talk about it weeks after we have stopped.

Locally, the SNP won the MSP elections and re-elected Steven as our councillor once again in 2017 but campaigning is never over and there will be more elections to come and I am sure you will see much more of us as they come around. Please, come and join us, make a difference in your community. Politics isn't about old farts falling asleep in the House of Lords, it's about making a stand and saying "No! This isn't good enough!" Joining is easy and costs less than you think. You can join from £12 for a whole year or even less if you're on benefits.

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