Steven Bonnar wins Thorniewood By Election

Ward 13 – Thorniewood


Scottish National Party candidate, Steven Bonnar, has been elected, at stage six, to serve as one of the members for Ward 13 (Thorniewood) of North Lanarkshire Council following the word iconby-election on Thursday 9 July 2015 [64kb].

The number of votes polled was 3,308, giving a percentage poll of 28.2%. The electoral quota was 1,655.

Steven Bonnar, Scottish National Party (SNP) – Elected at stage number six.

Hugh Gaffney, Scottish Labour Party – Rejected at stage number six.

Meghan Gallacher, Scottish Conservative and Unionist – Rejected at stage number five.

Liam McCabe, Scottish Socialist Party – Rejected at stage number four.

Patrick Pearse McAleer, Scottish Green Party – Rejected at stage number three.

Craig Smith, Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” – Rejected at stage number two.

Matt Williams, UK Independence Party (UKIP) – Rejected at stage number one.

38 ballot papers were rejected.

Gavin Whitefield, Returning Officer, said: “I would like to congratulate Steven Bonnar on his election to Thorniewood. I look forward to seeing him at the next council meeting.”